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Utilizing a 3/4" Disk Orifice and Tungsten Carbide Disc Material with Electric Actuation. EA • Electric MA • Manual PA • Pneumatic T • Tungsten Carbide C • Ceramic 25 • 1/4" 38 • 3/8" 50 • 1/2" 75 • 3/4" (pie) 2•2" Note: Consult factory for other sizes. S • Screwed F • Flanged (Specify) AC • Angle Style, Carbon Steel The orifice plate is a relatively inexpensive component of the orifice flow meter. Orifice plates are manufactured to stringent guidelines and tolerances for flatness bore diameter, surface finish, and imperfections in machining such as nicks and wire edges on the bore.

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Ceramic Chokes & Orifices Chokes and orifice plates that offer leading resistance to high wear, abrasion, and erosion. Corrosion Engineering ceramic chokes & orifices are the ideal wear-resistant solution for pipeline applications requiring precise measurement of volumetric rate or predictable, smooth, cavitation-free pressure reduction. Elbow Orifice Details: 290068: White hard briquettes come in a pack of twenty-four pieces. Ceramic briquettes are not porous like the red pyramid briquette or black cube briquettes and radiate more heat, even heat distribution, and burn off greases that cannot soak into the material like other briquettes. $51.

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Orifice plates, meter runs, flow nozzles, Venturi tubes and pitot tubes are part of our portfolio of primary flow elements and restriction orifices. The wide range of our products is able to cover the majority of industrial applications. Customized solutions can be developed to meet your special needs. Calibration technology By continuing to use the site, you agree to our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

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Fyrtex 1 Nozzle is the oldest in this series of nozzles. The orifice disc can be used with a combined swirl chamber or alternatively with a swirl chamber without end plate together with a round end plate. API 5000 Ceramic Orifice Plate 1008170RX $ 6,673.72. API 5000 Ceramic Orifice Plate 1008170RX quantity. Add to Cart. SKU: 1008170RX Category: Source Parts. Fitting info Warranty & Exchange Not sure how to fit this part or if this is the part you require?3monkeez holds in stock drawer handles and pulls, tube closures, stainless and nylon adjustable feet – including pin, lug and disc, utility locks, Stainless Steel flag and piano hinges, and mounting plates. Options of zinc plate, stainless steel and nylon construction available and ready for delivery.

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Utilizing a 3/4" Disk Orifice and Tungsten Carbide Disc Material with Electric Actuation. EA • Electric MA • Manual PA • Pneumatic T • Tungsten Carbide C • Ceramic 25 • 1/4" 38 • 3/8" 50 • 1/2" 75 • 3/4" (pie) 2•2" Note: Consult factory for other sizes. S • Screwed F • Flanged (Specify) AC • Angle Style, Carbon Steel (ORIFICE PLATE) Reference page 49. Just as in applying crop protection products, the proper application of liquid fertilizer is important. ... High-quality ceramic orifice provides superior wear ...

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Ceramic Lined Pipe and Pipe Components Abrasion resistant ceramic lined pipe from a single spool piece to complete piping systems. We specialize in ceramic restriction orifice plates and flow conditioning assemblies to tame the most demanding flow applications. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1 Sandblasting Nozzle Ceramic Tip 3/16" Orifice with Block, Plate and Bolt at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! The calculation of compressible flow through orifice plates at high dP (critical flow) appears to be carried out incorrectly in most instances. This flow condition is often encountered on gas plants, compressor stations and pipelines where orifice plat...

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Stainless steel + nano ceramic. Stainless steel. temperature range. room temperature+5℃-340℃ — Temperature stability ±3℃ — External sensor interface. PT1000 — Speed range. 50-1500rpm — 50-1500rpm. Maximum mixing capacity( H2O ) 20L — 20L. Longest dimension of agitator. 80mm — 80mm. Minimum value of adjustable safety ... Insulating Refractory Board HD for Molten Metal Applications. YUFENG WOOL® Insulating Refractory Board with asbestos-free thermal insulation product that can withstand up to 1000℃., we offers several grades and types of technically advanced insulating refractory boards for molten metal applications,such as steel ladle , Tundish etc. Material of construction for orifice plates has shown significant effects of wear with the usage of time and recorded minimum in ceramic plate followed by stainless steel and plastic against each...

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Orifice and baffle plates are predominantly used in situations associated with materials flow. As such they are subject to abrasive, erosive and corrosive wear. These conditions are ideal for retrofitting with an Ultra High Purity Alumina component, increasing component life and efficiency, saving you time, energy and budget.

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Every Daniel orifice plate is manufactured to ensure compliance with industry standards as well as to meet specific application requirements. For optimal performance, the plate bore must be properly sized and beveled.Ceramic Microjet Cooling Device ... Prediction of the Pressure Distribution in PEMFC Flow Field Plates With a Serpentine Channel ... Microscale Orifice Plates. Lynne ...


The cost of a fibre glass bushing is reduced by constructing the bulk of the melt container from a block of refractory or ceramic material, such as Al 2 O 3 or ZrO 2. The orifice section of the bushing is formed from a series of Pt-Rh or other Pt alloy plates located in the base of the block. Alloy Valves and Controls: High Performance Ball Valves, Economical Ball Valves, Check Valve, Gate Valves, Globe Valve, Automation Packages, Electric and Pneumatic Actuators, Flow Measurement Devices (Orifice Plates, Orifice Flange Sets, Flow Conditioners, Restriction Unions, Meter Runs, Honed Flow Tubes & Flow Calculations)

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The furnace is heated either by a heating spiral around the outside. To prevent heat being dissipated to the base plate, the heater is attached to the base plate by a metal with low thermal conductivity (nickel-silver or chromium-nickel steel), e.g. a nickel-silver pipe attached to a rotary inlet if using a furnace with several openings. Traditionally the most common method of steam metering is the orifice plate and differential pressure transmitter technique. General areas of concern with this type of measurement are the orifice plate's susceptibility to wear introducing immediate inaccuracies, the relatively high permanent pressure losses introduced into the system by the ... Some of these cookies are essential, while others help us to improve your experience by providing insights into how the site is being used. For more detailed information on the cookies we use, please check our privacy policy.

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The orifice plates were electron beam welded to a refractory metal alloy tube with a 3.2 mm outer diameter. The electron emitter was a cylinder of sintered porous tungsten impregnated with 4BaO- CaO-Al2O3and was located at the downstream end of the tube. Dec 18, 2003 · Differential pressure meters, which generally employ orifice plates, now are the most widely used and accepted method of measuring air flow. An overall system with density measurement can provide accuracies of between 2 and 5 percent. There is always a permanent pressure loss associated with these devices. with flush-mounted ceramic measuring cell Features • Oil-free, capacitive measuring cell with a ceramic membrane • With fixed process connections for hygienic and standard applications, e.g. VARIVENT®, DRD flange, conical coupling with female union DIN11864, clamp DIN32676, G1/2” ISO 228 - pressure gauge connection, flange connections, ...

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Acid resistant flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hydrochloric acid (HCl) have always been a challenge.

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Parts - Original G-Series (Model Numbers and Serial Numbers Start with "G2000", "G3000", or "G4000") Note: This Version of the GSeries Grill has White Ceramic Plates under the Glass Plate. A Restriction Orifice Plate is a device used to restrict flow. It reduces flow and pressure from the upstream side to the downstream side. This is beneficial in order to reduce noise and protect downstream equipment. Flow Measuring Orifice Plates are also available.

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The orifice tank used in these tests was the same as described in Bulletin No. 207. It is made of steel with cast-iron heads and is 24 in. in diameter by 6 ft. long. The orifice plates were held in place against rubber gaskets by means of finger clamps. 8. Durley Orifice Box.-The Durley orifice box is shown in detail in Fig. 3.